Atuguba, Ansah and Adinyira Written Reasons: The Analysis

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Comment: "foreign material"

A. Nyamaa
2013-09-06 11:09:10
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How Do We Solve This Predicament in Sissala Land


The framers of the constitution could not have been planning for foreign material being in the ballot box.

The fact is that Justice Atuguba needed the "broad" interpretation to achieve a certain outcome.

When the Electoral commissioner admits to Bawumia's definition of over-voting, what more evidence do we need?

You and I will not be there in 2016 but it should be possible to rely on the electoral paperwork to come to a view on the validity of the election.

My view is that Justice Ansah got it spot on by giving probative value to the pink sheets.

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A. Nyamaa on Sep 6, 11:09
"foreign material"