May the Supreme Court Judges Bow Down Their Heads in Shame?

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2013-09-13 02:21:59
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May the Supreme Court Judges Bow Down Their Heads

There is no doubt or denying the fact that Ghana's electoral process is one of the best in the world. It is transparent due to the fact that in the presidential race,votes are counted and result declared in each polling station then to the constituency level and finally to the national level. In the course of the election,representatives of the candidates are also there to protect the interest of their respective candidates. It is therefore mind boggling that if after all these processes,without any protestation from any quarters,Akufo- Addo the losing candidate should cry foul that he had been cheated.

As the laws of Ghana permit,Akufo- Addo sent a petition on the election to the Supreme Court of Ghana for adjudication. Any rational thinker, could see from the onset of the hearing of the petition that it was a lopsided case as Akufo- Addo, the loser, only saw wrong doing in mostly areas won by his opponent, Prez Mahamma. To the surprise of many, no witness came forward from the areas where the results were in dispute to testify about any wrong doing during and after the election. The witness in this case was heaps of pink sheets with the interpreter of the information on the face of the pink sheets referred to as the Chief Witness.

The actual number of pink sheets on which the case was based kept changing like the colour of a chameleon or in other words like a striker in a football match, desirous of scoring a goal at all cost by trying to shift the goalpost to a position where he could easily score a goal each time that he failed to score a goal.

If after all the arguments and the counter arguments, the Justices of the Supreme Court decided that in the supreme interest of the nation,the lopsided petition which has become an albatross on the nation's neck be thrown out, why should Adofo Rockson and people who think like him keep on crying foul,cursing and accusing the Justices of the Supreme Court of bribe taking? When Adofo Rockson admonished each and sundry to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court and cooperate with Prez Mahamma in running the affairs of the country, most people thought he had come back to his senses and for that matter, started giving him undeserved praises.He is now on the loose again like a political wounded beast.

Adofo Rockson must be told that, his latest effusions clearly give him out as a guy full of bitterness, disappointment and frustration. I will like to appeal to Adofo Rockson to allow his senses to come back home for good. May be his latest outburst is a prelude to his exiting the political spectrum which in itself sounds defeatist. He is trying to ran away from the scene due to the constant bashing he has been receiving from his senseless articles.

Adofo, whether you like it or not the Justices of the Supreme Court have spoken, all that is left must be discarded in the garbage of history.

Adofo, let your senses come back home and stay forever.

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NICHOLAS on Sep 13, 2013 02:21