May the Supreme Court Judges Bow Down Their Heads in Shame?

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Comment: re Adoffo, Come back Home!!

Bongo Bongo
2013-09-13 09:25:41
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Nicholas it has indeed become an albatross on the nation's neck. This is truly by design and will carry on until the next election and thereafter or until the petitioners’ party come to power. The Peace which was constantly ‘preached’ before and after does not hold in view of the after effects of the VIRDICT. The anger is being interpreted in other form by those who see the verdict as does not hold water. Indirectly, the daily discussions on radio, TV, and the bombardment of write ups on all the www dots. If you ask me, it’s indirectly simmering like a volcano which when ready will erupt with dire consequences. Is this what people want? Those in the diaspora are away and safe, those at home will bear the full blunt of this. Is this what you wish for? Let the sleeping dogs lie. As Konkonsa would say choo laa.

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Bongo Bongo on Sep 13, 2013 09:25
re Adoffo, Come back Home!!