Special Tribute to Dr Kwame Nkrumah

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4ward Ever
2013-09-21 21:35:47
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Special Tribute to Dr Kwame Nkrumah

The terminology and the notion that Nkrumah was a "megalomaniac" was part of the demonization campaign devised by the ideologues of the imperialist mercenaries that were used in the coup against Nkrumah - namely Busia and others. It was repeated ad infinitum in the post-coup era. Considering that the very Western European countries that financed this campaign of vilification and demonization against Nkrumah would go ahead and form a European Union, it is not worth the while of any progressive African to debate your characterization of Nkrumah's push for an African Union as "megalomaniacal"! Pity, you have not liberated yourself from the neocolonialist indoctrination of the Danquah-Busia clique after 1966!

You state that Danquah wanted independence for the Gold Coast in 1954?!?! Prove it!

And finally in the so, so, stereotypical style of the post-coup Danquah-Busia ideologues, you glibly mention the overthrow of Nkrumah as a consequence of Nkrumah's policies being "too much for Ghanaians to embrace." The majority of Ghanaians are better informed and have been exposed to the truth from the horse's own mouth. You are the only stranger in Jerusalem, as it were, who has not heard of the declassified CIA documents, nor of the revelations of Houphouet Boigny about the plotters meeting several times in the Cote d'Ivoire with his connivance and collaboration and that of Intelligence Services of the major Western powers. You have also not heard of the price of cocoa being manipulated to fall to its lowest while at the same time the World Bank refused any aid to Nkrumah. Sorry, the worn-out Western media cum Danquah-Busia propaganda and mythology won't work this time! We've come too far and have had access to the facts than to be the fools you take us for!

Out of respect for the memory and sacrifice of the many African freedom fighters in training who were handed over by the imperialist mercenaries of the NLC junta to the settler-colonialists and their allied intelligence agencies to be tortured and even killed, I will not touch on that other sick lie about Nkrumah training saboteurs to overthrow legitimate African governments. Today Mozambique, Angola, Guine-Bissau, Cape Verde, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa are free of white settler colonialism, thanks in no small measure to Nkrumah. Today the danger to Africa comes from those who have taken Nkrumah's idea of an African High Command and carry out such textbook neo-colonial assaults on the continent as in reconquest of Libya and its oil and pristine water and the murder of her patriotic leader, Gaddafi.

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4ward Ever on Sep 21, 2013 21:35