Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

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Comment: Here I am , a fool and idiot.

Adofo Rockson
2013-09-23 21:25:10
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Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

Do not look too far, because I am a fool and an idiot. NPP bigot who has lost my daily bread due to the bitter loss the party suffered at both election and the backdoor deal at the Supreme Court. I am jobless and therefore appealing to any NDC benefactor to come to my aid since the NPP has abandoned me. First the party members thought I was a fool but found out later that I was also an idiot so they decided not to feed me. I am now a beggar and homeless. I plead with NDC to give me the basic help before I commit suicide.

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Adofo Rockson on Sep 23, 2013 21:25
Here I am , a fool and idiot.