Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

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Comment: Should the Asantehene Abdicate

Ghanaian Patriot
2013-09-23 21:35:34
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Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

Democrasy embrases freedom of speech and expression (including writing) except contempt of Court and defamation). This writer has crossed both lines.

He states that the opinion of Asantes at home and abroad point to his abdication. When did he hold referendum to that effect?

This petition was a non starter based on the fact that, even though the constitution declared that certain votes could be nullified. The non imperative word used was 'shall' and not will.
Prior to the election Akufo Addo made a speech that in any election, the people that matter were the voters, and the Judges have proved that the voters mater and not polling agents and not other officials, or pink sheets. Why cant the NPP supporters accept what Bawumiah said ME AND YOU WERE NOT THERE to know the truth.

Mr. Adofo, let me tell you that on the basis of cases cited, both from Ghanaian court and Canada and recently Al Gore in USA, even if the Asantehene paid bribes (which I doubt), it was completely waste of money. It is just like a commodity is being given to you 'free' and you are paying for it.

I am not lover of the Asantehene because of 'NLM' during Nkrumah's time, but for heaven sake,leave KWAKU DUAH alone. He has done nothing wrong,

For you ROCKSON ADOFO go to hell.

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Ghanaian Patriot on Sep 23, 2013 21:35
Should the Asantehene Abdicate