Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

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Comment: Why oh Why

2013-09-24 04:32:59
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Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

Why is this only one guy called( Asantehene)always given some preferential treatment.
He gets a free ride in a presidential plane at the expenses of the taxpayer.
He has motorcades parading him daily from his residence to his workplace,( Manhyia palace)and wherever he goes, including going to chase small girls.
He organizes stakeholders conference at manhyia palace.
His name kinda popped up in a cocaine missing saga at the Ghana Police Headquarters.
There are ten(10) regions in Ghana and none of these paramount chiefs in the respective regions are treated anywhere closer better than this guy called Kwaku Dua ( Asantehene)
If it smells like a fish, it sure ought to be a fish.
There is something stinky fishy about this Kwaku Dua. Although l am an Ashanti l have no respect for him.

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Justice on Sep 24, 2013 04:32