Could GYEEDA be President Mahama’s Waterloo?

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Comment: Incumbency rules in Africa!

Gye Nyame
2013-10-16 21:01:44
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GYEEDA to EOCO to buy time!

Good analysis but unfortunately things don’t work that way because of the level of illiteracy in the country. The politicians have “dumbed down” a majority of the population with the substandard education system in Ghana, therefore know the caliber of people, and so commit these crimes with impunity. The electorate does not make the kind of analyses before casting votes, if they did Woyome’s award of 52 million or so would have done Mahama and the NDC in, the last elections.
Incumbency is what rules in Africa, if your government can steal, bribe and give away gifts – cars, mattresses, money etc. to voters, they vote for you regardless of how incompetent or corrupt the government is. Forget about GYEEDA being Mahama/NDC’s Waterloo – that is all foreign language to the Ghanaian. I doubt if the culprits would be punished, you can tell by the intentional delay tactics and the hiding of names by Mahama and his cohorts.

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Gye Nyame on Oct 16, 2013 21:01
Incumbency rules in Africa!