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Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

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Comment: SATANIC stool......

W. Atugubah
2013-10-20 03:11:34
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Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

Who told this Ashantis that what they ignorantly called golden stool is truely golden? when the Ewe man called Okomfo Notsie, note not Okomfo Anokyie magically fool and blind their equally foolish and primitive ancstors in believing that they have a powerful stool, they took to the streets admist drumming and jubilations not knowing SATAN and his cohorts have landed in their mist . Its not GOLDEN but SATANIC stool. Be careful fellow Ashantis cast out and denounce that stool you claim to luv

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W. Atugubah on Oct 20, 2013 03:11
SATANIC stool......