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Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

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Nana Bawuah
2013-10-20 04:37:27
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Re: Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

Yes, the Kwahus are Asantes! Many people of Kwahu just like Asaman-Tamfo, Akadewaso, Moseaso, Gyegyeti(Jejeti), Mamanso, Kankang, Abekwoase or Abekoase, as well as many other areas in the Birim Gap are of Asante-Juaben and Asante-Nsuta proper. The Asante-Juabenhene still controlls land as far as Kwahu. By the way, the Asantehene has no authority over Amanhene in particular not over the Amantuo Num states. Only over those stools, which were either created or elevated to the status of an Omanhene by one of his predecessors. Asante-Juaben, Nsuta, Mampong, Asumegya, Kumawu, Bekwai etc. all autonomous states. They owe allegiance to the Golden Stool of Asante and not the Asantehene. The Asantehene/Kumasehene himself owes allegiance to the Golden Stool himself. The Golden Stool is a national and not a state stool.

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Nana Bawuah on Oct 20, 2013 04:37
Re: Is Asanteman Getting Weaker