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Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

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Nana Bawuah
2013-10-20 08:38:07
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Re: Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

" I know the Asantehene is the nephew of Juabenhene."

The Asante-Juabenhene is the elderly brother of the Asantehene and the Oyokohene of Asante (i.e. head of Asante-Oyoko clan) of which the Asantehene is a member. The Nsutahene is the uncle of the Asantehene.

"Go back to learn your history well. find out why the attendance of Nana Boateng of New Juaben at the funeral of Nana Agyeman Prempe II sparked controversy forcing the New Juaben chief to state publicly that he is not going to Kumasi as a subject."

How can Juaben or any other Amantuo Num state for that matter be a subject to Kumase?

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Nana Bawuah on Oct 20, 2013 08:38
Re: Is Asanteman Getting Weaker