Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

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Comment: You Are Giving Me Unnecessary Problems

Nana Akrase
2013-10-20 12:41:09
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Re: Is Asanteman Getting Weaker

Please write from your own point of view.

While you're welcome to make quotations from pieces I wrote sometime ago, it will however be appreciated if you stop twisting them to suit your own point of view.

This's giving me unnecessary problems, Nana Bawuah. I'll suggest, in view of the ardent desire of detractors of Asante to sow seeds of discord, you desist forthwith, from giving any detailed accounts of Asante History.

Asanteman is about checks and balances. The Current Occupant of the Golden Stool and other Principals are doing a good job keeping Asanteman on the right footing, despite the many attempts of detractors to bring Him to disrepute.

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Nana Akrase on Oct 20, 2013 12:41
You Are Giving Me Unnecessary Problems