RE: Akufo-Addo abandons third-term

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Comment: U think Gabby will hear?

Kwaku D
2013-10-28 00:05:13
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All Gabby wants is for his cousin to be president "by all means". He still can't believe that last year some people voted NDC just to spite Akufo-Addo, not because they think Mahama and NDC were any good. Someone else other than Akufo-Addo would've won last elections by a clean margin even if not overwhelmingly.

Now Gabby is trying to tell us that Akufo is God's gift to Ghana and that he's very popular and the one the people want. Na lie. Na so so lie de man dey talk. NPP cannot win with Akufo but they can win with another better candidate.

Both NDC and NPP are holding us to ransom. The only thing all of them know is how to chop. NPP was good but greed spoiled them. And the greediest of them all was Kufuor. Ebei, how can a human being be so greedy like Kufuor? I nefa see some before! Now NDC has also learnt from NPP's chop chop and they are perfecting the act.

We need a miracle man or woman to save Ghana by breaking this cycle of NPP and NDC chop chop. Where can we get another Nkrumah without his (Nkrumah's) shortcomings?

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Kwaku D on Oct 28, 2013 00:05
U think Gabby will hear?