RE: Akufo-Addo abandons third-term

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Comment: Massa, why?

Nana Yaw
2013-10-28 01:48:20
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Re: Janet is Akyem, Kwahu or Asante!

What does my name got to do with anything? What I am trying to say is, Akuffo Addo can not win in two regions along tribal lines to become a president in Dr Kwame Nkrumah's OmanGhana. Outside Kwahu, Akyem and Asante-akyem, Akuffo Addo does not come across as a worthy presidential material. He lacks charisma, charm and academic credentials to be a president in this Facebook era. Even during the "bagyimi" period, Akuffo Addo would not stand a chance outside Kwahu, Akyem and Asante-akyem. Indeed, the truth hurts!!!

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Nana Yaw on Oct 28, 2013 01:48