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Comment: What is Bawumia's power base in NPP?

Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
2013-10-28 06:38:26
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LONTO-BOY, I have not seen your comment on Ghanaweb for some time now.I hope Ghanaweb did not ban your comments. For some reason/s I do not know Ghanweb has refused to publish my articles. After my last article appeared on October 16, I have sent three articles to Ghanaweb but none has been published. I e-mailed to ask why but no one responded to me. Those who want to read my articles should look for them on Modernghana.com (all the three articles appeared on Modernghana.com)

Now back to the issue for discussion, I agree with you and NYansasem that though Nana is the most popular politician in Ghana, it appears he is not an attractive presidential candidate beyond NPP. Unless the Ghanaian electorate will follow their customary practice of changing party in power after two terms in 2016, NPP must think hard and act very carefully in selecting a presidential candidate for 2016.

Personally, I am not sure Bawumia has the power base in the NPP to lead it to victory since that would mean he becomes a figure head.

Form what is happening in Ghana (poor implementation of Single Spine, GYEEDA, the poor management of the economy, etc), only a miracle can save Mahama's government in 2016. I know it's too early but the signs are very worrying and it's time for another party to try their hands (even if that means it's their turn to also chop chop).

I guess Gabby is hoping that the two strikes and you are out will favour his cousin so that is why he is making a case for a third attempt by Nana. What surprised me in the fact that, he creates the impression that if Nana decides to contest the NPP flagbeareship, then, he will be crowned without a keenly contested primary election. That will depend to a large extent on those elected into National Executive positions. If Jake and Sir John are retained then it will be easy for Nana, otherwise, he would have a good fight

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Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK on Oct 28, 2013 06:38
What is Bawumia's power base in NPP?