Dreadful Fetish Strikes a Supreme Court Judge?

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Comment: Hey Adofo, are you this pathetic?

Captain Canada
2013-11-13 00:00:52
Comment to:
Rockson Adofo is , the like of Sekou Nkr

This is 2013 and this Ashanti intellectual believes in shrines dishing put judgement? Adofo you are stupid. Wouldn't your gods have done a better job getting Nana elected? Instead of waiting for a court case? You know I use to think you were serious albeit stupid but you've confirmed your below the rock level of intellect for the whole world to see. Let me guess you believe Antoa Nyame carries the airlines from Europe to Ghana? Seek help. You are insane.

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Captain Canada on Nov 13, 2013 00:00
Hey Adofo, are you this pathetic?