AgriC: Solution to youth unemployment in Ghana

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Comment: 47 YEARS TOO LATE!

4ward Ever
2013-11-24 12:02:17
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AgriC: Solution to youth unemployment in Ghana

Nkrumah established state farms and the Worker's Brigades to work them. All this was halted after the 1966 coup by the Danquah-Busia forces. Nkrumah was demonized and everything he did was evil. The men and women (yes, it was a common sight in those days to see women driving tractors from the farms to their base) were all summarily dismissed. The state farm lands have all been looted. Thousands of tractors stood idle in sun and rain and rotted.

NDC, the Kotoka-worshipping party founded by the looter-smurderer-soldier, Rawlings, destroyed and or looted over 300 Nkrumah enterprises. Just 2 weeks ago they, evil enterprise.

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