The Unprecedented Exhibition of Myopic Wickedness by the Akan Chiefs

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Comment: Undemocratic & Uneducated Chiefs

Ohene Va.
2013-11-27 06:12:26
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The Unprecedented Exhibition of Myopic Wickedness

The issue is 90 percent of Ghanaian chiefs are not educated and chieftaincy is not democratic. So if such folks and institutions have that much impact on our country what is our Nation heading ? The colonialist used mirrors and alcohol to enslaved us, Mahama is using those perks to upgrade their lifestyles and gain their influence, that is politic. How much education does Asantehene has ? compare him to Togbe Afede XIV. I am not an ewe by the way nor NDC, just keeping it real. We must have strong democratic institutions and strong moral standards. We are so backward as a nation with lack of goals, corruption, illegal structures everywhere - lack of building code enforcement, Noise - driver must be educated to cut down their horns. Muslim call to prayers is barbaric why should we all wake up with that noise ? Rockson maybe you can write about such issues.

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Ohene Va. on Nov 27, 2013 06:12
Undemocratic & Uneducated Chiefs