Kumawu Citizens to Face off Asantehene and His Lieutenants

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K. Sarpong, Selden, New York, USA.
2014-01-05 21:39:34
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I have been reading articles written by Rockson Adofo for a long time and in many cases I agree with him. On this occasion I think he has gone overboard with his criticism of Asantehene and others. He is behaving like a two year old boy throwing tantrums because he is not getting his way. Adofo is saying 'either my way or the highway'. He wants his nominee to be the chief of Kumawu, and anybody with a different idea is a bad guy. He hurls insults on other Ashanti chiefs because they agree with the Queenmother of Kumawu and not Rockson Adofo. His hatred of anybody who sides with the Queenmother has blinded him to any compromise that leaves the Queenmother with even a half loaf of bread as the saying goes. The King of Ashanti in his immense wisdom has come out with a solution that leaves everybody with a partial victory,and bringing peace to Kumawu. But even this is not enough for Adofo and his co conspirators. He insults the King and threatens Asanteman from far away in Britain, thinking that no harm can come to him. But Adofo, I want you to know that the moment you start insulting the King of Ashanti, you are not safe anywhere in the world.

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K. Sarpong, Selden, New York, USA. on Jan 5, 21:39