Kumawu Citizens to Face off Asantehene and His Lieutenants

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Comment: Kumawu chieftancy dispute

2014-01-06 16:16:52
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Re: Kumawu Citizens to Face off Asantehene and His

You have all made good suggestions about the Chieftancy problem in Kumawu. Thank you very much for that. One very important thing you all have to bear in mind is that, the Kodua stool is not for the Ankaasi gate alone. They have ruled for over sixty years {Both the Omanhene and Ohemaa stool} It is about time the stool was taken away from Ankaasi and given to the Sekyedumasi/Papasi candidate for they are the next to the throne and also the true owners of the stool. It is sheer greed on the part of Kumawuhemaa to even think about giving the throne to any ankaasi candidate. {Adidigya ne.....}

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Oheneba on Jan 6, 16:16
Kumawu chieftancy dispute