Assessing Mahama’s first year

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Comment: Arthur-K's problem: NARCISSISM

2014-01-08 10:19:28
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I have fought here on these pages against Arthur-K's enemies. At that time, I thought his Legon mates were jealous of him, but I was wrong. After careful observation, I see that he has a serious problem -Narcissistic personality disorder.

How could an article about the performance of the President leads to castigating of NPP leadership? I don't get it. He has used every opportunity to denigrate Nana Addo and the "Akyem Mafia" - Ahoofe and Gabby- while refusing to condemn the rampant corruption going on under Mahama's administration. Where are his articles on GYEEDA, SADA, ISOFOTON, etc...?

Even Tarzan does not spend all his time attacking NPP. Tarzan has written against the leadership of AMA and others, but Arthur-K sees ONLY the problems in NPP and not in NDC and sometimes one wonders what planet he is on. We all are frustrated with Nana's sick ambition to become the President of the Nation at all cost. However, should every opportunity be used to castigate him while Mahama and his people keep on creating and cooking up corruption everywhere?

His latest antics of trying to "threaten" Nana and NPP that if Nana refused to speak about his plans to contest, he Arthur-K would go ahead and contest. Damn. Who cares whether Arthur-K contests the leadership of NPP or not. Is he kidding me? I thought he was wiser enough to find ways to defuse the crisis that is going on in NPP.

Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to Arthur-K and some of his friends in Aborokyie whose advice helped me to achieve ALL my goals. I was very young when I met them and that was why I had problem with those who came here insulting when he decided to contest the leadership of NPP. But I can see similarities in his behavior to that of Rawlings- Narcissistic personality disorder.

Arthur-K, you don't need to spend all your time finding faults with NPP. Currently, what the Nation needs is, a strong and vibrant opposition. The opposition should keep the feet of the government in the fire, instead of fighting among themselves. My fear is, by the time NPP come together to fight the NDC, every pesewa in the Nation's coffer had been looted by the Mahama, Lithur and the criminal bunch. That is why it is so important for this bickering.

But seek help. You see, Azar fought vigorously than you did for NPP and yet you hardly see him criticizing the leadership all the time. HKP also may not like what is going on but hardly do you see them trying to tear down the building they are trying to build. I believe you can learn more from your own friends- Azar and HKP.

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Nyansasem on Jan 8, 10:19
Arthur-K's problem: NARCISSISM