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Comment: Okoampa vs Adofo Rockson!

Captain Planet
2014-02-01 00:25:04
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Their war, the Asante vs Akyem war is slowly brewing here on Ghana web between members of the two most intolerant tribes in Ghana led by the Akyem fool Okoampa and the London frustrated Asante man Adofo.

How can any sane group of people join these two intolerant ppl in a party that are incapable of even tolerating each other? Its now clear why minorities stay clear of such a party. Not until misfits like Okoampa, Adofo, Katakyie, and some uncouth human wastes are expulsed from the NPP that party would always struggle to win national elections.

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Captain Planet on Feb 1, 00:25
Okoampa vs Adofo Rockson!