Ghana must develop by embracing its own traditional gods

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Comment: Fallen angels ensnare with money

2014-02-02 23:31:18
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Ghana must develop by embracing its own traditiona

Sikaduro has never been a good thing whether done on an individual level or by a whole community. Our traditional religion talks about the Supreme Being and he is the only one worthy of worship.The fallen angels were kicked out because they wanted to be like God.They are here now and will offer any person who is hungry for money a little bit of money if they will go down on their knees and worship, just like Jesus was tempted to do.
One more,pretending to be a christian does not make you a christian. Most of those who go to church do so just to please the eye,the priests themselves are mainly wolf in sheepskin or grass skirt in dog collar. You see most of the okomfo are in churches pretending to be preachers.Dont blame the current hardship on the sprouting of churches for they are not genuine churches.
Lead a clean life,love your brothers and sisters,pray regularly and see what happens to you. If you do that and you dont practice vodoo underground you will be fine.If you eat salads all the time but add a lot of fatty foods to it, you will be doing your health no favours. The same applies to your spiritual health.Magic is nothing

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Concerned on Feb 2, 23:31
Fallen angels ensnare with money