Ghana must develop by embracing its own traditional gods

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Comment: Do Not Blame Religion.

Kofi kwame
2014-02-03 00:05:39
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Ghana must develop by embracing its own traditiona

Look,Why we all do puts blamed on Religion instead of the truth which can be seen wild open,S.korea,Japan,Taiwan,before some one goes into politics he or she may think twice,eny misuse of public funds or corrupt case by the President or eny top official is equal to prison or he or she may run to commit suecide.how about we?Kufour and Npp really robbed Ghana,and Atta Mills came and fore give him in return Mills was crowned the man of peace just like that.what a Nation.look what concern God by some one going to bed with his own Mother or Sister?all these past president and their men knew by stealing our wealth nobody can puts them in jail unless God who can hold them to account when they die,same like the one who sleep with his mom and sist.Our Judiciary are and the laws they wrote down to Govern us is what is distroying Ghana.

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Kofi kwame on Feb 3, 00:05