Ghana must develop by embracing its own traditional gods

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Comment: propaganda blues

insight to the bone
2014-02-03 04:58:42
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Re: Christian God is not why Ghana is SICK

NDC PROPAGANDA MACHINE no matter what you do the people are slowly waking up to the reality that is ndc . ndc is a mafia criminal organization with extremely malicious intent which thrives on fueling conflicts between brothers while through the back door looting anything of value until one day the country becomes a barren desert with a poisonous toxic environment. We know your tactics well anytime an Akan stands up or a righteous methodist priest cries foul you set about destroying their reputations or pinning all kinds of lies so they are practically lynched in broad day light. the govt acts like its a copy from north korea led by mad men with hearts of stone . waa look at your ministers mike hammah / hannah tetteh for example selling out our future in the our own ports that they did not build and latter on saddling us with 200,000 chinese galamsay , these are your ministers of transport , lands , industry and foreign affairs , we are doomed for if just these 2 toxic individuals can do this imagine what the rest are doing . ndc has selected the worst characters backed by the hegemony of the ayigbe and the tribalism from the north . these worthless people who cant even put together music or a song that we can enjoy because their hearts are consumed with evil hatred for the light of the Akan. God did not even give them better music which is free why should we give them anything?these dregs of the toilet refuse to see the evil the ndc are securing for their own people . instead of creating sustainable industries such as food processing and organizing cash crops just as the cocoa was done , cotton processing all the way to fashion designing and branding which would give their people millions of jobs the rather award bogus senseless contracts and phantom projects for outrageous kickbacks. at any moment there are over 500 factories, processing plants and institutions that can be set up in the volta and and 3 northern regions but that would mean over 10,000 in Akan areas due to the higher potential there so because of skinpain they chose to do nothing . they say our women are ugly apes but they cant help dreaming about their beauty as when you look at their women one sees their beady rats eye look, cruelty and thieving desires . yes we are not the same and do not have values that are in anyway compatible as we live in different dimensions . when the ec calls for the referendum i hope the question is put so we ask our people do we really want to stay together or to each his own . personally i do not believe they will ever change rather things can only get worse and end up in a war . long live the republic of Akan

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insight to the bone on Feb 3, 04:58