Is Asantehene Being Honest With Kumawuman?

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2014-03-19 09:59:04
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So Mr Omanbapa, are you telling us that the Ankaase family are original royals from Apemso? The descendants of the Great Tweneboah Koduah (Ananagya/Odumasi)are the true royals of Kumawu, even though the Apemso people are the original occupiers of that location when Seni fontom and Adofoahye settled there. Kumawu as we know it was not formed by the Apemso people but the descendants of Senifontom.
The Ankaasi family is an adopted addition to the Kumawu royal family during the time of queen mother Taa Acheampong who was barren and could not bear children. She brought in a certain woman and her brother from Ejisu to live and serve her in her palace. However, through some turn of events later on down the years, this "foreigners" became adopted into the Kumawu Royal family. They are the present day Ankaasi family. They have held on to the kumawu chieftaincy for a great number of years. They are eligible to the throne because the stools of some of their old chiefs have already been inducted when they died. However they are not royals by blood and certainly not descendants of the great Tweneboah Kodua.
Kumawu will never know peace until the whole truth about their royals come out and a system is put in place to break the current monopoly where one "adopted" family feels that they are the only only one entitled to the throne all the time.

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ADUANABA on Mar 19, 2014 09:59