Until Ghanaians Walk the Talk, Just Forget It!

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Comment: NOT A THREAT, Nanasei

2014-04-25 05:10:48
Comment to:
Don't threat him pleasr!

Expressing one's views does not warrant fabricating stories to tarnish people's image and reputation.
Refer back to articles written by this guy John Fosu who later became Rockson Adofo, is full of either half truth or blatant lies, and embeded with INSULTS to our leaders, even Otumfour,The Asanteman Council, Kumawuhemaa, The Ankaase Royal family and Kumawuman in general. The records are there and neither him John Fosu nor anyone can dispute that. If he think he can hide behind the web and get away with the insults and gross disrespect to our leaders then he should think it over. If you consider my advice to him as a threat, then so be it. He should apologise to Otumfour, Asanteman Council, Kumawuhemaa and her Ankaase Royal family and Kumawuman in general for all the humiliation his writings has caused based on lies and half truths. It is funny for him to think he is undetected. How could he allow himself to be manipulated by Duffour, Kussi, H. Mensah, Y. Koduah, Edusei, Joe Fry and cronies to "sink" our reputation all because they want to impose an Ananangya/Odumase(an immigrant family under a curse) royal on Kumawuman. It will never happen because they have dug their own grave and have crossed the line. Kumawuman has also been exposed to the hidden dark side of their history.

I will repeat my advice to John Fosu, aka Rockson Adofo: APOLOGISE TO ALL THAT YOU'VE OFFENDED either knowingly or otherwise. "SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY YOUR BIG STICK", and next time don't do other people's "dirty work" for them; if they are real men with ....., they should come out of the closet. We the people of Kumawu knows who are behind the scenes. What have they contributed to Kumawuman? Absolutely nothing than LITIGATIONS which has crippled our community.

I am for accountability and abhore dishonesty and hypocrasy in any form.

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