Is there a Constitutional Case to Impeach President Mahama?

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Comment: Impeach Mahama

2014-05-03 07:22:20
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Is there a Constitutional Case to Impeach Presiden

The last time l heard of an impeachment was when a president had his pants down. Mahama hasn't done that yet. Beside to impeach a sitting president is not constitutionally as easy as you suggest. In as much as we desire the best for our nation, impeachment would throw the nation into chaos. l am sure that is not what you want. Consider the millions of cedis that would go into legal fees. Thousand of man hours to be
involve and there are no guarantee of success. Two more years is not far. Lets wait. Ghanaians can do the impeachment with their thumbs if that is what they want.

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FRANK OKINE on May 3, 07:22