Rawlings’ 35th pontifical mass and the way forward

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Comment: GYAE W' ASEM

2014-06-30 04:52:02
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Rawlings’ 35th pontifical mass and the way forwa

lmost always these nkwasiasem are posted by Akans. Why waste so much time when you could be advising the kapwepwes andthe otehr gold-chain jackal?

You enthused 'To bring the curtains down, the author would like to drum home to Mr. Rawlings that as long as he does not desist from his incessant attacks on Mr. Kufuor and takes delight in descending to the gutters, some pro-Kufuor sympathizers like us, will equally break loose and let the same gutter politics be our daily bread and butter. After all, all die be die.

Drum what? So wonte gyae? Well, If you do not stop this all-die-be-die nonsense, you will contract some BP for no apparent reason and if you have any sense, drum that into your own ears.

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TOO LATE on Jun 30, 2014 04:52