Politics of twits-“errant” us embassy twitter spoke the mind of ghanaians!

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Comment: How About a Polite Thank U?

mensah abrampa
2014-07-28 07:39:51
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Mr James Y,the sender of the tweet from the American Embassy handle sounds more patriotic and more ghanaian than your sorry self because he/she shares the agonies, pains, disappointments and frustrations of millions of the majority of ghanaians. That one, lone tweet spoke the truth, and the minds of millions of the silent majority of ghanaians who have no twitter account. If from the onset, we in the sweltering tropical heat at the receiving end of poor economic policies had closed our ranks and spoken with one voice as ghanaians and helped to hold the president's feet to the fire, there would have been no need for such tweet from the President nor the re-tweet from the American Embassy staffer. It's your arrant type of political sycophancy and blind partisan support that has fostered ineptitude, incompetence, laziness and corruptIion.Over time, these have festered unchecked and have brought the potentially rich nation to the brink of disaster. The writer of the article deserves a thank you comment not a slap in the face "nonsense" retort.

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mensah abrampa on Jul 28, 2014 07:39
How About a Polite Thank U?