Ghana to offer arable lands to PUNJABI farmers?

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Comment: Bokor, NDC is your government right?

2014-08-04 01:38:52
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Punjab is a farming area in the V/R

Ghana will be sold to the highest bidder by this government before leaving office. Punjab is a region or whatever in India. I do not know too much about them but, why inviting them while we have farmers who can do the job with some help from the government? Also, whose land will the government give to them? We should remember that when it comes to land issues, our chiefs have some important row to play.

I remember Kufuor saying that any politician who will venture into farming will receive $20,000 and that statement met "cold shoulders" and Mahama is doing the same this time by inviting foreigners to role out our land for them. Look, do we know who we are as Ghanaians and what we need to do to be proud of ourselves?

I know we have had cordial relationship with India for a long time but that should not be translated into this gesture. Our land is ours and should be protected from foreign invasion if that is the right word.

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Pelicles on Aug 4, 01:38
Bokor, NDC is your government right?