Go To Hell, Mr. Amaliba!

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Comment: Go to Hell , Idiot Okuampah

2014-08-08 01:02:31
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Go To Hell, Mr. Amaliba!

You come across as a complete idiot and an apology of a learned person. Your posturing is nothing but an attempt to re-echo the "Yen Akanfuo" mantra which is predicated on projecting the Akan hegemony that your mentor the Evil Dwarf popularly known as Nanacortics has been propagating over the years You are disgrace to the academia because instead of using your writings to forge unity in the country, your preoccupation as usual is to run your political opponents down. OKuampah, you and your mentor, the evil dwarf should rather go hell. A complete idiot come again. As usual, when Prof. Awoonor died you compose a poem to indicate your happiness about his tragic end. But I assure you that your end would more tragic than that of the Prof.

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ken on Aug 8, 01:02
Go to Hell , Idiot Okuampah