Fellow Ghanaians - consider these

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2014-08-05 15:45:40
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Fellow Ghanaians - consider these

Is there anybody within NDC to challenge Mahama? Did Egya Atta make a mistake in selecting him as his vice?

Mahama just talks - but talk is cheap.Instead of reducing the number of ministers,useless NDC apparatchiks at the Flagstaff House,and cutting the bloated bureaucracy,he does the opposite. While people are suffering, he buys expensive SUVs for the useless and parasitic chiefs.Mahama is just another Kufuor or Rawlings.

The whole governmental aparatus is fXXXXX up and needs radical upending.That is,abolish the onerous priviledges given to government officials,the semi-literate MPs and other elites,and give power to the people.For instance,why should the government give $50,000 to each MP to purchase a car? Again,why should the government build houses for these folks?.Already,all have cars and houses in Accra.Then the EXTRAORDINARY EX-GRATIA payments given to the good-for-nothing MPs every four years.

American Congressmen(from the richest country on Earth) live in their own homes or rent in the DC area.Infact, President Obama when he was a Senator,rented an efficiency and had to go to a hotel to spend time with his wife and kids,when they visited from Chicago.Vice President Biden rode the train daily from his home in Delaware to DC - about five hours round trip - for more than twenty years.What makes these politicians in Ghana(a rich but "poor" country)think they can live like Saudi MPs - while majority of our countrymen/women cannot even afford one meal a day? No wonder the American Vice President blasted African leaders - including Mahama,yesterday - on the cancer of corruption that has rendered the richest continent the poorest in the world.

Kufuor said corruption has been with us since the beginning of time,and he and his NPP cronies went on a corruption binge(25% bribes from contracts,Ghana @50,$1million chains, Ghana Airways,Ghana Telecom, Government houses,EO's $1billion highway robbery,$100million Flagstaff House,drill ship's missing $3million,and on and on).

Rawlings also corrupted the whole governmental apparatus,and deposited $millions in foreign banks - some of which he used to educate all his children abroad.One thought Mahama,after succeeding Egya Atta, would continue attacking the cancerous corruption that's destroying the economy and the moral fiber of our society.But he has not made concrete efforts to root out this cancer. Rather,he has become part of the problem.

The President needs to be challenged from within his own party for the flagbeareship.Perhaps,that would wake him up from his slumber. The ailing Akufu-Addo(heart and prostate problems)and NPP,will even be worse for the economy and Ghana.These folks are professional thieves in suits - aside from being unrepentant tribalists.

The best person to stop the ailing economy and move Ghana into middle income status is Paa Kwesi Nduom. Unfortunately,as a competent and experienced professional as he is - and with excellent leadership skills -he has no core supporters nationwide. AND THE THIEVES AND USELESS POLITICIANS - BOTH NDC AND NPP - continue to go on a venal rampage.

Any Ataturk,Jawaharlal Nehru or Nkrumah out there - to clean up the mess?


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