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Comment: Kojo, U R Too Smart By Half

mensah abrampa
2014-08-26 16:04:50
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Get rid of Akufo Addo

Holy Moses! Suddenly,out of the blue, Cain, the envy consumed and hate-mongering brother is offering unsolicited suggestions to Abel on how to maintain the peace in his household. I will take any suggestion from Kojo T to the great elephant family with a pinch of sea salt! Please , reader, don't be fooled by Kojo T's sudden show of magnanimity and cordiality. Be warned to look downward if he exclaims there are gold nuggets up above your head, within your immediate reach because he is up to no good. He never means what he says and he does not say what he means.
Nana Akuffo Addo is the greatest fear of the NDC and and evil minded ghanaians. The out of the blue advice from a known bigot reinforces my belief that the NDC top hierachy is behind the in-fighting within the NPP. Recently an NDC pollster, Ben Ephson, said if the elections were held today Mahama and the NDC will lose. That's not the only bitter truth.Those behind the Akuffo Addo hate campaign know that the same voting pattern will prevail in 2016 and Nana will become Ghana's fifth President of the Fourth Republic. Unless the unexpected happens, Nana Akuffo Addo, the man who is fear personified to the entire NDC setup, is on the verge of winning the NPP nomination and set the stage for an eventual Mahama-Akuffo Addo 2016 presidential face-off. The NDC leadership is working in tandem with the Kyeremanten faction to scuttle Nana's march towards the presidency. The NDC wants Alan to win because they know he'll be no match for the clueless and incompetent Mahama in 2016. Mahama will then get his heart's desire, a second term in office. By 2020, the 77 year old Nana will be considered too old and too tired after 3 failed attempts to win the presidency and would need no persuasion to retire from politics. Since ghanaians voting trend shows that we change administrations every 8 years the year 2020 will then automatically belong to Alan and the NPP. It doesn't take rocket science sophistry to figure out this diabolic plan. If ghanaians allow this to become our living reality by the year 2020, this will spell doom for the nation because the major players of this doomsday scenario, Mahama and Kyeremanten, are in it for what they will personally gain, the presidency and fat offshore bank accounts. Of course their cronies will get their fair share of the booty and Ghana would be the eventual biggest loser. Kojo, I'm sorry but you're too smart by half.

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