Time for all liberal minded democrats to rise up

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mensah abrampa
2014-08-26 16:49:10
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Time for all liberal minded democrats to rise up

I'd love to see a united NPP because it has the potential to govern Ghana more efficiently and effectively than any other party. What I'm not happy about is what looks like a new Northern coalition within the NPP family. We already have too many factions than we need. Matter of fact we don't need a factionalized but a unitary and rock solid NPP to wrestle power from a strong and united competitor who is only interested in power but lacks the capacity to rule efficiently. The more factions we nurture the weaker we become.
Let's get rid of the existing factions and strengthen our party. There's no wisdom or strength in an Akan, Asante, Akyem, Northern NPP. There's no wisdom in nurturing an Alan or Nana faction within the same party because they don't serve the purposes of the party but that of the opponent. In short we don't need a factionalized party because it serves no useful purpose. Whoever is on the NPP's side, now is the time to show by doing away with all factions, both old and those still on the drawing board and unite solidly behind the party, not individuals nor ethnicities. Factionalization means eventual death. We need each other because we are family.

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