Homowo Message to President Mahama

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Okonko palm
2014-08-27 00:47:07
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Homowo Message to President Mahama

I had stubbornly refuted all allegations of nepotism in the Mahama administration.Sometimes I even excuse his blatant overpopulation of people of Northern descent in his cabinet as an entitlement because he has the right to work with those he is comfortable with.But it seems to me that the last straw which broke the proverbial camel back was the sacking of Ashitey one of the few Gas in government and replacing him with another person of Northern extraction.

The Gas have been marginalized in government for so long,they don't even matter in leadership roles.Perhaps our docility and self assuredness as a people is being taken for granted otherwise the President will not overtly discriminate against the Gas as he has done.It is as if we have no stake in national affairs even though we are hosting the seat of government.

The argument has been made wrongly that we don't have the calibre of people to hold positions at the very top.This misguided assertion which has no bases is being given vent by Mahama's behaviour especially lately.

The call of the youths must be respected.Our support for the ndc must not be taken for granted otherwise the ndc will have problems holding on to power.Perhaps the president himself is fed up losing the plot but he must not drag the ndc along with him.

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