Is Akufo-Addo’s Landslide Victory now Doubtful?

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Comment: Storm in a tea cup?

Yaw Ohemeng
2014-09-09 07:31:15
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Is Akufo-Addo’s Landslide Victory now Doubtful?

Kofi, I agree with you on two scores: Bugri Naabu was not helpful to the cause of Akufo Addo by his statement. His later retraction did not go far enough. He should also have apologised to the Alan Kyreremanteng Campaign.

I, however, disagree with you on the other points raised. Extending this to Akufo Addo and examining the effect this might have on his election fortunes in 2016 is stretching it. It is quite clear that Bugri Naabu is an overzealous sycophant who would say anything. There are people like that in every political party. He will learn from what has happened.

If you wanted to tar Akufo Addo with this statement, you should have discussed the justifications given by Bugri Naabu in making that statement. He said all the executives used the name of Akufo Addo to win their positions and not to vote for him was a betrayal. This claim has come up time and time again even to the extent that the party grassroots are saying that Chairman Afoko used this same ploy. In other words, the new executives from polling stations to national level benefited from using Akufo Addo’s name. They faulted the last executive for not working hard to make Akufo Addo President; and their promise was therefore to help Akufo Addo this time round. So the immature, which I include Bugri Naabu, saw the voting for other contestants as a betrayal. It is, however, stretching it to draw Akufo Addo into some sort of coercive conspiracy theory.

There is always a temptation to use western standards to analyse local African politics. The two are not the same. We have had chiefs promising 100% votes in a certain region for a certain politician. This had no adverse impact. We had Daniel Ohene Agyekum using the Antoa deity to intimidate people to vote for the NDC in the Ashanti region; this had no adverse effect on NDC fortunes nationally. However you see an isolated pronouncement by an overzealous party chairman as exposing the dark side of Akufo Addo and think that this would affect his chances, nationally, in 2016. This will soon blow over and I do not share in your analysis.

Our political parties do engage in all sorts of shady manoeuvring, and in my view, the NPP does less of this. This explains why the NDC wins tight elections on wafer-thin majorities. Maybe if the NPP were to be adept at this, we would have been discussing an NPP victory in 2012. Bugri Naabu needs to be condemned alright but I will not bring Akufo Addo into his shenanigans.

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Yaw Ohemeng on Sep 9, 07:31
Storm in a tea cup?