Is Akufo-Addo’s Landslide Victory now Doubtful?

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Comment: That is not my proposition

Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
2014-09-09 08:46:52
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Re: Is Akufo-Addo’s Landslide Victory now Doubtful

Dr SAS, I am not suggesting that if what Bugri-Naabu claimed to have done occurred only in Northern Region, then the whole election is in doubt because it would be unreasonable to do so on the basis of proportionality. However, I am of the view that if such tactics were widespread, then it could cast doubt either the election, the victory or the landslide.

The other objective of the article is to raise the important issue of free and fair elections not only within NPP or political parties but in Ghana as a whole. This is critical because Ghana just had a contested election through a petition at the Supreme Court and we all heard and saw some of the deficiencies within the electoral system. If after such a petition, a regional party leader could compell or forced delegates to vote in a particular way, then what lessons did the nation learn from the Supreme Court Petition?

Last but not the least, the question of democracy and the political party that is seen to be the leading light on democratic principles and accountability in Ghana with a regional chairman using such methods and publicly saying what he said. These are issues of national interests because such tactics in only one region in Ghana could cause another contested election and a potential conflict in Ghana, especially Northern region where differences of opinion on land and chieftaincy, coupled with party political interests turns into violence, loss of property and life. You may say that to extend matters this far is an exaggeration but it take just a mere spark of fire to cause uncontrollable fire disaster.

Regarding your question as to whether I used the logic in the petition, I think I have answered that in the first paragraph (reasonableness and proportionality), so the answer is emphatically no. In fact, I used "if" to qualify my analysis and conclusions and the title speaks for itself.

Dr SAS, I still believe that Nana Akufo-Addo will beat Alan in any contest and massively because he is the most popular politician in Ghana at the moment. However, that should not stop me from discussing matters that could have serious implications in the future. Would NPP or NDC not have complained had what Bugri-Naabu described occurred in the 2012 presidential election? Or are you suggesting the we should wait till it happens in 2016 before we discuss it?

Dr SAS, I do respect your views as well as your right to disagree and in fact, that is why I post articles so that I can learn from views expressed by others. But to simply describe my the reasoning and conclusions in the articles as, "we need both good education and good thinking in order to make progress in our country, but among our people, there is an abysmal hiatus between the two! Those who are educated don't think well, and those who think well are not educated", because you disagree is unfortunate, to say the least.

You may find the subject matter of the article or my line reasoning as "abysmal hiatus", but I can assure you that if days after the 2016 presidential elections, a regional chairman of either NPP or NDC comes out to make claims such as what Bugri-Naabu did, the other will raise hell in Ghana.

I do not see you as one of those who visit this forum to use abusive language because they disagree with views expressed but I must say that I am very disappointed with your last sentence. Coating it in good language or putting it rhetorically does not take away the insult. Why beat about the bush when you could have simply said, you are educated but can't think well.

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Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK on Sep 9, 08:46
That is not my proposition