Is Akufo-Addo’s Landslide Victory now Doubtful?

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2014-09-09 09:26:16
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Is Akufo-Addo’s Landslide Victory now Doubtful?

You're a stupid fool, raving and ranting like a mad trokosi dog. You have no shame at all, not the slightest. Did you write same about the Atuguba verdict, Victoria Hammah's own confessions, made under no duress, but in the comfort of her own car? What did you write when she mentioned Oye Lithur's name, that she played a major role in NDC's election petition victory, because she managed to influence the judges after meeting with them prior to the declaration of the election petition results. During the entire election petition hearing live on TV, wasn't it obvious to the world, that the NDC didn't win that last elections after all? What did you say about Atuguba's perverted justice? Those ones have no serious implications for our democracy? Go ahead with your nonsensical articles, and let the equally stupid, damn idiots agree with you. It's good that you're helping NDC followers hear what they always want to hear, which are lies. No matter how fervent and resolute you are in employing devilish tactics aimed at putting Nana in a bad light, he'll still remain the people's choice. If you're not writing in favour of NDC, let's see you writing about the massive corruption and rot in govt. The economy is in shambles, the pieces cannot be put together; the sufferings of the masses have been assuaged, worsened rather than finding pragmatic solutions that will help better people's lives. Mahama and his cohorts have virtually succeeded in messing everything up from A to Z. So much to write about if you have the country's democracy at heart. During NDC's last delegates conference in Sunyani during which Konadu Agyeman Rawlings challenged Prof Mills, what didn't we see and hear? Do you think if there had been no incidences of bribery, there would have been that landslide victory for late Prof Mills? At the programme, JJ was hooted at by a section of the delegates, when he first entered the hall to take his seat. In Cape Coast during a "thank you" tour by Konadu, we heard how she was heckled by NDC security guards, who refused her entry into one of the town-halls to interact with the people. All of those have no potential implications for our democracy, eh? Our democracy has already been shit bombed by the NDC. Go ahead and write those lies about Nana, as if in the NDC everything that happens is clean and perfect. If no one is watching you, God is. He's the one who'll judge whether you're fair or biased, full of hate. Kwasiaba, hell is your dwelling place. Some of us also hate you with all our strength, body and soul in same manner as you hate Nana. Let the idiots and goons who say the results must be nullified, go and do so if they have the guts. They should have nullified Afari Gyan's presidential results way back then, and especially Atuguba's. So annoying, when it's NDC people who commit crime, wantonly break the law, it's okay, it's fine. But when it's other party people, then hell must break loose by all means. When Jesus said "Let the man who says he has never sinned before, throw the first stone", they all fled, with all those balls dangling in between their legs. Worst crimes are being perpetrated by this ruling NDC govt, and yet we hear govt officials shamelessly making pronouncements that accuse others of wrongdoing. Write about those things and leave Nana alone, who's just one single, harmless individual. You don't know anything, or else you won't even say a thing like "last but not the least", instead of "last but not least". Cambridge scholar, indeed! This is simple English grammar, not lies, fabrications, cooked up stories to paint people black. Your entire family put together, including whatever you've achieved in academia, can't equal Nana's achievements. "Aboaba", "Kwasiaba" Kofi Ata, you're really sick. Sick in the head!

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NEMESIS on Sep 9, 09:26