Is Akufo-Addo’s Landslide Victory now Doubtful?

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Comment: Re: Let us keep looking , Not Nana

mensah abrampa
2014-09-09 16:44:59
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Let us keep looking , Not Nana

Why are you and the NDC so scared of Nana? The answer is not far fetched.He's the only one who can turn the sunshine the NDC is basking in into pitch-darkness. He scares the daylight out of you. Does it make any sense what-so-ever that the NDC gets to pick the presidential candidate for the NPP? Rivals don't say what they mean and never mean what they say to each other. The NPP would be too daft and dumb to heed the chicanery of their bitterest rival, the evil NDC. Who does that, Mr too smart by half?

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mensah abrampa on Sep 9, 16:44
Re: Let us keep looking , Not Nana