Is Lauretta Lamptey Qualified to be CHRAJ Commissioner?

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Comment: When did you know this?

2014-09-20 04:14:12
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Is Lauretta Lamptey Qualified to be CHRAJ Commissi

This is Monday quarterbacking. Kofi, if she had graduated from the University of Ouagadougou, instead of London School of Economics, would you have been excited about her appointment then and to be a proud Ghanaian? What you wrote just shows your vanity and nothing else. Presumably, you had her Cv years ago and why didn't you raise these concerns then given your human rights work experience. By the way, did you scream when she refused to resign from the board of GCB after her appointment as CHRAG Commissioner? It goes to show that you don't judge a book by its color. A lot of people have graduated from London School of Economics and have done dumb things. Lauretta is a prime example.

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Kwadwo on Sep 20, 2014 04:14
When did you know this?