Is Lauretta Lamptey Qualified to be CHRAJ Commissioner?

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Comment: Taking it out of context; read it again

2014-09-20 06:00:07
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When did you know this?

Kofi did not say she was his friend or even a classmate to know everything about her after she graduated from the school. Read what he wrote well and you will understand why he was proud to be a Ghanaian.

Of course, I would be happy and proud to know that a college mate had been chosen to head Delta Airlines. But does that mean I know the details of his CV or all that he did after graduating from school? Of course NOT.

Kofi, was happy and proud to read that a Ghanaian and alumni from his school had been chosen to lead such an institution when he read it from their newsletter.

However, after the scandal, he had taken his time to read more about her qualification and achievements and realized that she was not qualified to lead that institution. Is that too hard to understand?

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Nyansasem on Sep 20, 2014 06:00
Taking it out of context; read it again