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Comment: "SIKASA" is not bribe!

2014-10-10 04:52:43
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Re: Refrain from offering bribes to Judges – Jud

If you are well versed in Akan customary usage and practice, you will not consider "sikasa", meaning money meant for "drink/food" as bribe. You cannot assemble Nananom, in this case The kingmakers to work on empty stomach, NO, IT IS NEVER DONE NOWHERE IN AKANLAND. You offer them drink, usually called "SIKASA" or cash for them to buy the food/or drink of their choice.

Contestant(s) for a throne present "drink" either to the queen or king through a mediator. Is that also considered a bribe? NO! That is for the anticipated work to be done by the queen/king. Remember, a thorough background check is done on the contestant, at times people are sent to places (towns, villages, work places) and even prison records in instances where allegations are made to suggest a contestant had been to prison. You cannot assemble Nananom without offering them "drink". The contestants present the "drink" NOT to influece the queen/kings decision BUT it is a token for food and drink for the anticipated work to be done.
This is different from a judge accepting a bribe because judges are paid by the gov't to try cases and offer judgements fair and just by the law.
It will be naiive on Kumawuhemaa's part to say I offered them bribe. What Mamponghene was referring to was "sikasa", that is "food/drink". Once you are offered, it means you are obligated to do the work for which it was offered. I hope this explanation will clear the air of any doubts. The adage goes,"SE WODE AGYAAKWA A, YENNGYAE WO KWA".

When will John Fosu /Rockson Adofo / NAZEER ETC pay me OMANBAPA KD for all the lessonsbeing offered? My advice to you is always do a proper verification before you present something that will fall flat when challenged.

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OMANBAPA KD on Oct 10, 2014 04:52
"SIKASA" is not bribe!