Please Ghana, do not take the CAF’s Ebola bait!

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Comment: Civil Defiance/No To AFCON

2014-10-21 09:32:24
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Please Ghana, do not take the CAF’s Ebola bait!

Question??Is the hosting of the AFCON more important than the public's health and safety in the face of this deadly Ebola pandemic?
Answer 1
Yes!!According to the financial expediency of the core-corrupted CAF/FIFA Organizers,the greedy sponsors and the ill-judgment of an irresponsible Hosting Country.
Answer 2
A resounding NO by the 99.98% of the discerning populace who deem the scourge of Ebola a National threat,the evidence is all around us in the media with death toll,Ebola is real people,let's stand together against facilitating its spreading to our shore on the back of AFCON,Ghana as country can not cope if there should be an out break.No to AFCON/CAF/FIFA,Not with Ebola lurking

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Nana Kwaku Germany on Oct 19, 2014 21:58
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