Blame “Ashanti Nana” For the Present Precarious State of Ghana

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Comment: lOOSER!!!

2014-11-24 12:51:23
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You lost the Kumawu case and now you are insinuating another stupidity.
The likes of you are the reason why NDC is gaining grounds in the Ashanti region. if you don't have anything to say, just cut the crap and find a job. Who cares about your 419 friend? You are a looser who can't make a coherent arguement as to why your Ananagya so called royals should claim the kumawu stool. Kumawuhemaa had won, you lost, Thomas...is now enjoying and you are weeping. Call your friend Basoa another redundant looser from hell to mend your wounds together.

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Bonnie on Nov 24, 2014 12:51
Kwesi Atta on Nov 24, 2014 21:39