Ablakwah Annoyingly Castigates British High Commission

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Comment: No Ghanaian was in China in 1840s...

2014-11-27 09:34:55
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Adofo tell your story devoid of insults

Mr. Rockson Adofo no Ghanaian was in China in the 1840s to assist the British with the force of arms to force Chinese to buy and use opium. When I wrote the other time that the Vice President Bekoe Amissah Arthur should not together with others including some opposition members use poppy flower to decorate themselves some one called me a fool. Why should Ghanaians always be gullible. Caring cocaine is one of the acts of a gullible person.
However I wish to repeat again that mud fish is not eaten in my village, thus you will not come across a buyer of mud fish there. Mud fish, however, is eaten in Akatsi, thus just like London with its cocaine market you will find mud fish in Akatsi market.

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Kwame on Nov 27, 2014 09:34
No Ghanaian was in China in 1840s...