Ablakwah Annoyingly Castigates British High Commission

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Comment: Ablakwa had it right!

Acheampong Rogers
2014-11-27 05:53:20
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Ablakwah Annoyingly Castigates British High Commis

Please I have always admired your pieces of writing but I think you got it all wrong this time. What the British High Commission did was wrong. The High Commission disregarded international law and diplomacy by interfering in Ghana's internal politics. They think they are still ruling us like the colonial era. The High commissioner disrespected the sovereignty of Ghana and all Ghanaians for that matter. The British have committed, and continue to commit the worst crimes known to man. If Ghana is truly independent, the High Commissioner should have been repatriated back to where he came from. Such an idiotic nincompoop talking rubbish!

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Acheampong Rogers on Nov 27, 2014 05:53
Ablakwa had it right!