Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfriend?

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2014-11-30 03:23:56
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Thanks Photosy

Nii, the source of the huge amounts of drugs, especially cocaine is South America. Any drug enforcement official worth his/her will attest to his claim...

Markets in the United States have dried up primarily because Americans deem it unattractive and a grave danger to their health to snot cocaine as they did in the 1980s...so, these South American drug barons have been compelled to find new markets which they did in Western Europe...but then there has to be a conduit for their drugs and they readily saw in the corrupt and poorly governed nation-states of West Africa easy prey...our officials not only in Ghana but everywhere else in the region have been compromised by the South America drug biggies.....The DEA of the United States recently arrested a high ranking military officer of the Guinea Bissau army for aiding South American drug peddlers to ship huge amounts of drugs to Europe.....no wonder Ghana has become an easy conduit for drugs emanating from South America...the reason is as simple as ABC.....easy money.....there was even a case of some South American drug kingpins landing their jumbo jet loaded with cocaine in a desert in some African nation only to set it ablaze after the landing gear malfunctioned.....they by then had gotten rid of the merchandise....somebody in the political hierarchy knew about this smuggling ring, but kept their mouth shut....he/she was bribed heavily...

Lets be concerned about important issues and let the drug mules do their thing...they will be caught no matter what and spend the rest of their miserable lives languishing in European jails.....

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mojingles on Nov 30, 2014 03:23
Re: Thanks Photosy