Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfriend?

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luther king
2014-11-30 04:39:10
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Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfriend?

The lady used the VIp not the vvip. This attitude of trying to involve the Perez n his brother withe the coke case will not help in the fight to bring out the truth. Kennedy agyepong goes round calling everybody a thief in his party. When he was called to prove it he failed and apoligised to jake & co. Alhaji dawuda can't be a ghost. His work place was identified, his house and photos were allover the news papers. Ghosts don't own companies or have faces. Ppl who know him have all testified that he is no where to be found. The Bni didn't allow him to ran away. He was not in Bni custody. The 12 ppl arrested are very crucial to the case n in the cause of investigation the truth shall come out.

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luther king on Nov 30, 2014 04:39