Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfriend?

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Comment: Re: Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfrien

2014-11-30 12:16:46
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Re: Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfrien

Once again, you are fixated on the politics of the issue. Ibrahim is the direct brother of the President and most of his actions and financial dealings are intertwined with the presidency. This is a well known fact to all Ghanaians. If he knowingly placed himself in such a compromising position by befriending a known drug queen who is being monitored by the so-called security service, then such action will surely bring the office of the presidency into disrepute. This is a big dereliction of duty on the part of the National Security Agencies by turning a blind eye on this nefarious relationship and allowing it to fester to the detriment of the nation. No one is accusing Ibrahim of his involvement in this cocaine deal YET. Now we are all going to reap the international disgrace which is being tied to our president.I guess some of you people who call yourselves Ghanaians don't care because you have not much stake in the image of Ghana, but for those of us who have only this country to call our own, it is a disgrace.

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EBBY on Nov 30, 2014 12:16
Re: Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfrien